🌊💨Vacation Days 1 + 2

First off, we got to our house in Avon, NC (on Hatteras Island) and it was so cold! We were thankful we had packed our winter jackets …first order of business, get groceries! We brought some food and snacks from Trader Joe’s, and then got a few more things at the Food Lion which was close to our airBnb.

First look at the ocean on Monday, it’s very blustery!

Got the kite out!

Order of the day: relax, naps (the kids slept in and caught up on sleep!)…and…

…cold walks on the beach!

The shell tree!

Out for a seafood supper! Wes got to bring Kayla, which made him very happy 🙂

Back at the house…I loved the wall hanging over our bed! It was such a fun house …if you need an Airbnb on Hatteras island for 6 people or more, please contact me, I’d love to tell you the info. And the weather in May is usually much better than what I’m getting ready to tell you about! 🤣

We woke up on Tuesday with flooding! Good thing the house is on stilts!

There was such a crazy storm and high winds that the water came over the dunes. The roads were closed, and we were stuck on the island.

We were blessed to still have a way into the house without getting wet, our neighbors had to take off shoes and socks and roll up pants in order to get from car to door.

Kayla taught skye and I how to macramé !

This is Kayla’s finished product…gorgeous!

This is mine

This is Skye’s. Love how she added the shell. We all made them hanging from driftwood, which makes them special beach souvenirs

More walks

Working on puzzles, eating snacks, watching movies, reading books…

Doing dishes

Hanging out

Playing bingo!

Fun times and good memories! Stay tuned for more beach posts – the sun may even come out!!

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