🐚🌾Outer Banks//days 3 + 4 [magical✨]

Wednesday started out cloudy …Dave was determined to get into the water, so he rented a wetsuit (the water was freezing!)

We walked down to the Avon Pier

And Dave got in the water. You couldn’t go out far because of the riptides and also the waves were wild. He enjoyed it so much the rest of us went to the surf shop to rent wetsuits. Ultimately only Skye and Wes got suits. I tried…but boy! Those things are uncomfortably tight – haha!! I kept asking the guy if he had a bigger size 🤣

Fun in the waves!!

Now we’re hungry for supper! Bros. Burgers

Food Lion for ice cream snacks !


We loved the hot tub!

Thursday morning….

Drum roll…


Discussing our plans…

First stop: Hatteras Lighthouse!!! It’s so pretty!!!

Next stop – 4×4 beach! So fun to drive the car on the sand

This was Dave’s favorite moment of the whole week! The sand was warm! It was gorgeous

Third stop- surf shop

4th stop: smoothie bowls!!

We highly recommend Hatteras Bowls in Waves, NC

Another walk on the beach

Getting close to sunset! Let’s hurry and get to the other side of the island to see it



Then we turned the other direction and saw the most beautiful rainbow! This picture does not even begin to do it justice! Wow, God, You are giving us an awesome show!

Just a few more!!

This day, Thursday, May 12 was magical! ✨🌅thank You, Lord!

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  1. MOM says:

    So nice to see all the pics! Thank you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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