OBX days 5 + 6 (final vaca wrap up post)🌊☀️🪸🌾

Duck donuts!
Kayla teaching us how to make friendship bracelets
Found this old picture…wanted to replicate …
Hmmm…close! Thanks for humoring me, Wes!
Naps …
This was a fun movie to watch on a beach vacation
We rewatched this series a few nights
Souvenir stickers!
More coloring
This was a hard puzzle!
Got everyone their 2022 Christmas ornament!
The perfect schedule…Art in the house, walk on the beach, more art, more beach…
The last night….Gorgeous full moon. There were high winds and we lost the internet and phone service that last night. So we had every possible weather outcome (we lost power one day too…flooding, winds, rain, cold, warmth, rainbows) all we needed was hail to complete the weather spectrum! 🤣🌈
Last day breakfast…Trader Joe’s açaí bowl
This was 15 min from where we stayed!
Saw this gorgeous lighthouse as we headed off the island.
On the trip home…Columbia, NC…this river walk dock went for miles- it was so lovely!
Good times
Relaxing art
Great company (sorry we didn’t get a whole group photo! Thank you, Kayla for being the photographer 🙂
Beautiful scenery, and a bit of sunshine!

Good memories and fun times….Thank you, Outer Banks, for letting us out alive 🤣 😉

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