Happy Things ❤️✨

After church on Sunday we went to Culver’s for lunch. It was so sweet and precious to have just the 5 of us. Although we have been extra blessed to have lots of friends and family around and always different combos of what kids are home, it was just a nice lunch with us 5. And these were the best pictures I could get – HAHA!

These kids are so fun and enjoyable! Don’t let anyone tell you the teen years are awful. Although 2/3 of them are adults now!

James and Kaylen got engaged!! We are so excited about it! The wedding is next month! So I know there’ll be lots of photos from the big day.

We’ve been babysitting! Ginger, who matches skye perfectly, is Dave’s parents’ sweet doggie. Everyone loves her and when people visit they threaten to steal her! She’s a Cavapoo.

We had a surprise birthday party for James!

He likes potatoes 🙂

I ordered some of my spoonflower wallpaper recently and can’t wait to start wallpapering! I think I’ll start with the laundry area

It’s so fun to open a box of wallpaper. Just a treat! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Plants! The one on the left is a cutting from one of Gigi’s plants. I’m so glad it has done well so far.

This sweet man! He takes such good care of all of us. Love you, Dear!! You’re the best.

Thankful for God’s hand in our lives. His guidance, love, and leading.

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