Friday Favorites 📚🪴14 fun things!

1) Old Enough! Japanese show about tiny kids running errands by themselves -CUTE! It’s on Netflix

2) These bowls are adorable I needed some new bowls, and these just make me happy when I see them stacked in the cupboard

3) Macrame kit …a new fun hobby!

4) Power of moments Inspirational book. Dave and I both Love this book. He’s on his second read through now.

5) A look at Romans 12 …this is soooo good!! You can listen to John Piper go through Romans 12:19-20….it’s so helpful to really meditate on these verses and see how we can trust God to take care of our grievances

We had a date nite awhile back…

6) date nite at Crawford’s Cookshop on Main Street in Clayton. This place is pricey! But we had a gift card…so that was nice.

Tried to get artsy, thoughtful photos 😉
You can only see a glimpse, but the salad was our absolute favorite!

The salad was a huge mound of fresh curly lettuce with grated Parmesan, toasted walnuts, and a house vinaigrette. I’m going to recreate it for Dave. It was so simple and so delicious.

7) Hummus Veggie Wrap at tropical smoothie cafe. This is amazing!! Hummus, rice, beans, avocado, pickled onions…it’s my new favorite

8) Challies summer book list for students looks amazing! I want to read them all…it’s a bunch of super interesting looking books. Tim Challies finds a lot of solid Christian resources

Asking for this cookbook for my birthday!

9) Jamie Oliver’s delicious fish recipe …I’m new to Jamie Oliver and his cooking…I saw a show of his on public tv and immediately wanted to cook exactly what he was cooking, so I did the night after and it was delicious! I’ve wanted to start cooking more fish, so yay for a good fish recipe!

10) Jamie Oliver’s broccoli, pea, potato mash…and this was amazing. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pick fresh mint from the garden to use in this recipe- because our mint has not died (yet!-haha)

11) My fair lady set design – I was making Skye watch My Fair Lady with me and I was smitten with the library- the wallpaper, decor, pillows, stained glass windows. Delightful!

12) This book! Oh my goodness!!! Remember when I talked about Becoming Mrs Lewis and how much I loved the historical fiction book about CS Lewis?! By the same author, Once Upon a Wardrobe is magical! A girl’s little brother is sick and he loves the new book he’s just read written by a Mr. C. S. Lewis, she finds the author (Jack!) and strikes up a friendship…it’s so so good so far (I’m not even finished, it’s just so wonderful I had to share. ) The audio book is narrated by an extremely talented woman named Fiona Hardingham. She does an excellent job changing voices etc for the characters in a not silly way.

13) Hope’s Table Mennonite kitchen -a dear family member gave me this cookbook. I’m inspired by the author’s natural and wholesome cooking style and wise advice throughout.

14) Don’t underestimate the happiness that grocery store flowers in a mason jar can bring!

Have a wonderful weekend! Read a good book, cook a Jamie Oliver recipe, learn macramé!

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