Before and After -dresser makeover 🎨🖌

I have loved this little chest of drawers in the kitchen. It’s made me so happy. Until one day this week it told me it needed a makeover

I thought it might be fun to add wallpaper to the drawers …you know I’ve been dying to use my spoonflower wallpaper

Added the wallpaper, but something was missing….

Yes! Black paint fixes EVERYTHING!

Plus some wallpaper on the top

Before + After

Now I think the mirror needs a little freshening up….

Maybe I’ll paint the mirror frame black to have it blend in (I tested it out editing on the iPad)

Wallpaper info (I bought the peel and stick kind, it’s so quick and easy!)

Paper on top: Sunny Clementines on Black

Top drawer: Moss Garden

Middle drawer: English Garden

Bottom drawer: Moss Parlor

This spot in the kitchen has gotten a lot of action…

The backdrop of our lives:

I’m a tiny bit sad to see these colors go….

But these colors are happy too…😉

Thank you for taking this before and after journey with me 😍

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