Quinoa Mint Watermelon Salad 🌿🍉

The mint is doing pretty well in the garden. A deer is coming and eating the tops off of the tomato plant, the cucumber plants, and even the sunflower leaves. But the deer (we saw her yesterday and I scolded her just a bit…I do like her to come by, just leave some of the plants so they will grow!) doesn’t seem to care for the mint.

Picking the mint

Sadie likes the fresh minty smell

ready to chop!

This is where I changed the recipe…it called for tomatoes and cucumber, but I changed up the veggies for the fruit we had on hand.

It was so good!

1/2 cup chopped mint

1 cup cooked quinoa

Half cup each of chopped watermelon, chopped strawberries, chopped cantaloupe

1/4 cup chopped cheddar with Parmesan (pictured below)

One lemon juiced

Drizzle of olive oil


We got similar cheese from Trader Joe’s and LOVED it…then I found this at Aldi and it’s the same amazing taste! It has a pretty strong sharp cheddar and Parmesan flavor

The point of this salad is to use what you have, adapt it, and enjoy summer fresh produce! 🍉

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