Bluffton, SC//bikes, beauty, boats, and blue⚓️🛥🌾🌴

Dave and I went on his company’s trip to a gorgeous resort in Palmetto Bluffs, South Carolina (Hilton Head area). It was beautiful and relaxing. Cornerstone treated us so kindly and the southern hospitality was perfect, although many of the people who worked at the resort were from further abroad. We enjoyed meeting people from Jamaica and Hungary.

It was fun to spend time with Dave’s immediate co-workers, but also from the Raleigh office, Wilmington, and then many other states, including Texas which is where the corporate headquarters is located.

here we are getting ready to go on a little ferry boat to take us to the first event, a low country boil

View from the river

On the way to our little cottage that first night, past the Inn, reflected on the water

Enjoying cottage no. 14…the screened in porch was my favorite.

Our bikes were parked out front! We LOVED these bikes! We biked everywhere! To the pool, to meals, to wherever we needed to go. It was like my childhood! The land here is very flat, with just gentle slopes. Perfect for these adorable bikes

Bike paths everywhere for thousands of acres.

Dave’s so cute with his bike and the map. The bikes even have little headlights for at night.

We did not see an alligator!!! There were many other people who saw alligators, including a co-worker who ran into one at night on his bike !! EEK!

Gorgeous trees and Spanish moss

The tree swings!

Walking the little winding paths to the dinner party on Monday evening

The weather was hot but nice and breezy…the food, amazing!

It was so cute with the lights and tables under the canopy of trees.

I forgot to take pictures of the Tuesday dinner – it was food trucks at the treehouse. They have a two story wooden treehouse for kids to play in; they set up food trucks and food stations all around the park. Hot chicken sandwiches and French onion burgers, charcuterie boards and the best pecan pralines

The sky was this pink!

We biked around and shopped at the cute little boutiques

This shop made you feel like you were in Paris

Sweet ice cream spot

My loot from the Paris Market

The trees…these gorgeous ancient trees!

Another favorite ! The bathtub 🤣

The room was cozy + comfortable

Shopping in Bluffton!

We ate at the cutest little restaurant called the cottage

The last evening was the “bowtie and blues” banquet. They gave all the men bow ties and us the feather earrings and we were all to wear a shade of blue.

So fun! With Cathy and Dale.

Dave’s awesome manager, Chris. Notice the bow ties didn’t stay on long!

Last day…our sunrise bike ride

Thank You, Lord! It was breathtaking

Parked the bikes for the last time…next to our sweet little cottage

Last picture of the beautiful flowers and plants.

Thankful for the time with my best friend. It was sweet. Good memories and fun times biking everywhere, can we live here? Just kidding…we are happy to be home!

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