A Book, Buc-ee’s Brisket, and a Bagel with my Boy (couldn’t help it, they all magically started with the same letter😭🤷🏼‍♀️)

[1] I started reading Julia Child’s book, My Life in France while we were on vacation. It is so delightful. The writing is beautiful, you can almost taste the food she describes, and I want to go to France!

Here’s an excerpt that describes Julia’s correspondence as compared to her husband, Paul’s:

Doesn’t that sound lovely? Who wouldn’t want that kind of letter, collage of souvenirs and all!

[2] have you been to Buc-ee’s? It’s a huge gas station from Texas that has come to other states now as well as South Carolina. On our trip we stopped at the one in Florence.

We tried the beaver nuggets – they are delicious! We tried the brisket sandwich:

It was also delicious. We stopped there on the way back too…and spent too much money! We bought souvenirs for the kids and too many beaver nuggets.

[3] Wes took me to brunch yesterday for an early birthday and we had so much fun together!

We went to Boulevard West and had amazing bagels, smoothie for me, and chai latte for him

We stopped to see Dave at work, then I made him go to Bexley House with me and it was nice to introduce him around! Thank you, Wes, for making my whole week!!

Happy weekend! I hope there are bagels, books, and brunches in your future 🥰

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