47 years on this planet ! 🍰🌺

It was so fun to go to Mom and Dad’s for a birthday lunch of my favorite stew, biscuits, and pink lemonade cake!!!

Thank you, Dad and Mom, for making it so special!

Thank you to my best friend for waking me up to treats, presents, and a sweet card

And I get to be with wonderful Wes on my birthday, which was very special!!!

And I get to be with my lovely Skye too! So thankful for these precious kids!!

I talked to Wil on Saturday, and then he texted at 11:45pm on June 26🥰 we miss you sweet Wil!!

If you remember last year, Dave baked my cake…We were comparing it to mom’s and I know his was just as good!! 🥰🤣♥️

Edited to add: last years’ birthday post said, “how in the world is Dave going to top my birthday if he made me a cake?!”…at that point we had no clue that the same time this year, my mom would be living 15 minutes from us and she would make the cake! What a gift that is! 💕💕

I have a friend from church who was sick all week, plus her whole family is out of town…but wanted to bring flowers from her garden to say she’s praying for me. What an example of a thoughtful, selfless, encourager!

Thank You, God, for sustaining and leading and guiding me so kindly for 47 years.

I want to memorize Psalm 146 (it would have been more poetic if I’d have picked psalm 47 or 147…but it was 146 that spoke to me!)

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  1. Beth Brewer says:

    Happy belated birthday! Your cake looks YUMMM- ME! I hope you had a blessed and happy day. Please say hi to your mom and dad for me. 🎁🎂

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    1. saramincy says:

      Beth!!! It is sooo good to hear from you! Thank you for the birthday wishes… I think I remember you were a few months older than me and you’re already 47?! I’ll tell my parents, they will be “tickled” to hear from you (southern word🤣)


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