my art in other people’s homes

I love this cute patterned accent wall in my sister-in-law’s bathroom!! She used the Garden Roundabout Black and White design from my spoonflower shop. Great job, Trish!!

Loved seeing my floral feltings in Ash’s house! These were inspired by and modeled after her floral arrangements

Nichole’s sweet baby boy nursery and the watercolor Jeep.

I love these collaborations! In each case it started with an idea from a friend. Thank you, friends, for living with my art …I hope it brings a smile to your face every day! if you have my art in your home I’d love if you could tag me on instagram or text me a photo! 💕🤍

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  1. grannamincy says:

    That must bring you so much joy — I’d send pictures but I have so many and I love them!

    Mom m

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Im so glad you love them! It makes me so happy to see your house !❤️♥️💕


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