::Friday Favorites:: more books, a drink, fresh herbs, a baby, crocs, and a game🎲📚🌹👶🏻

1)) I want to make this red, white, and blue festive drink for the 4th! I think that’s such a cute idea.

Mentioned two of these books already …sorry to keep pushing the same books!! but this is the lineup of loved, loving, and next to read:

Loved- Once Upon a Wardrobe. Ordered it to have my own copy, going to make Skye read.

Loving and enjoying immensely- My Life in France

Looking forward to reading and ordered with birthday money- Humble Moms

Another book on deck, just delivered! You can see what I’ve spent my birthday money on…this looks so good. I’ll keep you posted! I just turned 47, so obviously that’s not old (depends on who you ask!😂) but I like to prepare, and also see if this is a good book to pass on to my older friends.

Fresh rosemary from our garden!! Yay! To use in an actual recipe!

A new baby of a sweet friend! such a cute little peanut. So many new babies right now! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

This photo was taken a few weeks ago…I’ve had skin cancer surgery so that’s why you’ll see the patch and the past few posts you’ll see a scar

Wes took this photo when we were in the outer banks…I love that we’re all very intent on getting the best pictures of the sunset…and those clouds are gorgeous
A walk at the park with the grandparents 🙂

My first crocs! These crocs sandals are so comfortable …you feel like you’re walking on air!

Pretty rose from my parents’ garden

A new game!! It looks fun and easy to play

Have a wonderful weekend!! We are supposed to have a special guest…I’ll update on that later 😉 💕

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