Favorites from the Week (🌺🌸🌼)

The flowers in our garden are so pretty right now!!! It makes me smile every time I see them
Watermelon jello!! I saw this idea on A Beautiful Mess.com (I didn’t add the alcohol 😉 )
My peach zinnia
Sheeza brought over a belated birthday cake! Sweet thing
The garden!
New sticker designs…I’m planning on putting these in my Etsy shop – I’ll keep you posted.
We cleaned the house…always a reason to celebrate-ha! I love a clean house plus candles
Thank You, God, the colors and artistry are perfection.
Skye and I went thrifting …I found this green plate…
And this tiny white plate
Clean counters
One more flower…
A forest walk with Dave

It really is the little things that are the big things. this week was a sweet combination of being with our favorite people, work, enjoying nature, and pursuing God. But there were also worries, bad moments, and sick days…looking at these pictures encourages and reminds me of the great and beautiful. We all have our moments…it’s just more fun to take photos of flowers! Praying you see God’s beauty this week♥️

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