Ideas 📚 mushrooms …and more🍄🌿

Photo from the home edit

I love book shelves so much…see here and here. this photo from the home edit is gorgeous! I’m eyeing these clear shelves on Amazon …I want these in every room!! Where to start?! The hallway?

I cannot even describe how magical our backyard is right now…look at these mushrooms !!! I am so inspired/ Im working on a bunch of mushroom art…I’ll keep you posted.

The garden …the flowers…it’s all so so pretty right now.

I may have already posted this photo but seriously?!?? God has outdone Himself in the flower department

So so fun to have Wes here this summer…I get to make him his breakfast smoothies and chat with him and generally see him on a daily basis…which we haven’t had for a few years now with college and camp. I’m cherishing the moments.

Speaking of cherishing the moments…Skye and I got to have lunch out together today – Mexican (Mom, Dad, we forgot our coupon!! Aaah!) this was the best photo she let me get- HAHA!! We had a great time.

Missing Wil, of course…but he’s enjoying his internship and we’ll see him soon.

Felting again!!! Loving this thrifted frame

Been working in the woods raking paths. It’s my favorite workout ever. Very serene and peaceful. I’m inspired by the juniper level botanical garden (I blogged about it here)…how magical would it be to have a whimsical path through the woods with art and plants intertwined throughout?!

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