Reading, Cooking, Enjoying Nature …it’s all *Inspired*

Hi I’m Sara and I’m turning into a nature nut. 😉 It’s such a pretty time of year and our garden is actually growing and beauty is everywhere!

Yes…it’s all extraordinary !! And from the Master Creator!

Snails and snail babies!!

This pretty thing let me get really close to take photos


Butterflies in the house!!

I ordered spoonflower Wallhangings for the first time. It was fun to get them in the mail and super easy to install the magnetic wooden hanging pieces. You can see the butterfly wallhanging here (I drew it *inspired* by the little butterfly visitors we get in the garden) …I got mine half off…I’ll let u know when they are on sale again.

And this inspirational quote from Dave’s work conference…just get up and do the work that needs to be done!

Mushrooms!!!! I’m crazy about the mushroom situation in the back yard

I’m even learning some of the names…

Have you seen the show, Alone, on Netflix? We love it, it’s the next best thing to being in nature…the scenery is gorgeous in the most recent season

Love this book so far!

In the kitchen…What have we made recently??…this soup is a favorite and chicken pot pie…Caribbean beef, and Hershey bar cake, plus this salad whenever we can. What are you cooking? I found an old church cookbook while thrifting, and it’s so fun to look though and get new (and vintage) ideas. We had this cowboy caviar tonight but used fresh corn:

P.S. this just in…I switched the butterfly wallhanging to the kitchen …this wall needed to be freshened up a bit….

Happy Friday Eve!! Would love to hear what your weekend plans are and what have you been cooking? ♥️

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