Fantastic Forest Floor Art Project 🍄🌿🍂

Let’s make a mushroom collage together!

Inspired by the mushrooms in my backyard…and this photo, in which I had to get real close to the ground and stepped on an ant hill! (Totally worth the ant bites!)

Step one, use a large pompom or sponge to sponge paint moss and a green foliage background. I left black space on the bottom for dirt

Pick out several patterns of scrapbook paper, construction paper, wallpaper, whatever you can find. Collages are great recycle projects.

Cut out leaves and background grass, cut the mushroom shape from contrasting paper …I used Elmer’s white glue- glue sticks are sometimes not strong enough to keep everything stuck firmly in place.

Add another mushroom and work on drawing details on the mushrooms; dots and lines, I shaded the top of the pink ‘shroom with red chalk

Adding more grass….I only glued the grass about 75% of the way up, leave the tippy tops of the grass unglued to add texture and dimension…now take a look at how all of the colors work together. The pink seemed too mild for me, so I added a pop of color and pattern from a scrap of wallpaper

Cut leaf shapes from brown (or green, or whatever color you’d like), crumple the paper, flatten a bit, glue on the forest floor

Enjoy your magical mushroom art! Please tag me on instagram if you or your kids do this project! I’m @saras_art_house. This project is just as fun for adults and kids alike

Here’s a simpler version for smaller kids and for recycling your brown grocery bags! I made sure to curl the ends of the grass by wrapping tops around a pencil.

Do you have mushrooms in your yard? Keep an eye out! They are so interesting! (And take pictures…they change daily!)

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