Daily Life

Wes left us on Friday…he got to camp and I know is loving being there! Thankful to have him here with us this summer, but thankful he’s there, doing what he loves.

New cactus on the side porch

Ordered wallpaper this week for the laundry area!

Decided on this vines design from my spoonflower shop

Also got wallpaper for the hallway! As much as we have enjoyed the pink with baskets…here’s what we decided on (wallpaper was 25 % off this past weekend)

Taupe flower garden. I can’t wait to get the paper and put it up!

Skye and I went to a pool in Raleigh last week and noticed that our nails matched our towels 😉

Then we went to Neomonde ..it’s the best Mediterranean food. We both got the steak pita which was amazing.

We had VBS for three nights last week!

It was so fun. This craft crew was the best!

Our first tomato!

Dave and I watching our show.

Mom and I went out for a girls’ only shopping day. We shopped forever at hobby lobby, which was nice, and then saw Skye at CFA…so cute in her uniform 🙂

Mom and I with our matching croc sandals!

Wil got home last night! It’s so nice to have him home for a week! Yay!! It was so good to chat and catch up. Then it’s back to school…Skye goes back next week too.

Here’s the group of interns that were with Wil in Detroit this summer. It was such a great learning and growing time for him. We are enjoying hearing the stories. Check out the website for spread the Word. We love the Coffey family who heads this up.

Every time I tell someone about my watermelon salsa they make a face (not a good face) it’s my absolute favorite and I’m looking to see if there is anyone else out there who would love it too. I dice up watermelon real small, add in a few spoonfuls of salsa, stir it up and eat it with tortilla chips. Perfection!! And if we have lime, squirt that on too.

My garden is still doing well…it’s been so hot! And some of the plants seem to have run their course so I’m going to put in a few plants that will be able to go into fall…pumpkins! Broccoli! It’s all so fun to learn about.

I found this book at the library …I adore this book!! Inspires me to plant more and fun combinations to try together. It’s packed with a ton of information.

I hope you’ve had a good summer! Is everyone back to school where you live? I’d love to hear your fall plans. I know WordPress can be difficult sometimes to leave comments…I would love to hear from you…email (saramincy@gmail.com) or at instagram ♥️🥰🍄

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