The rest of August memories 💜🧡💖part one

Wil got to preach at church on the Wednesday night after he got back from Detroit.

Here are my notes from his message. It was so good to hear him!! It’s surreal to have kids at a stage where you learn from them. So thankful for what God is teaching you, Wil!

This made my heart so happy…to have 2 dear souls send me pictures of mushrooms! Yes, I’m crazy about mushrooms and am astounded at God’s artistry! Thank you, Kellie! Granna, I can’t seem to find your photo, but these were great.

Had an art class open house. It was so fun to meet new kids and parents. I’m so excited to start lessons this week!!

Wes left for 2 weeks at camp, and Wil came home for one week! Of course we had to make him shrimp and grits…he brought me this beautiful artsy water bottle! And I love this book he read this summer…it’s super practical, helpful, and convicting.

Dave and I went to the greenway to walk on a gorgeous day!! (Summer day but hints of fall)

Oh goodness! This was one for the books! Wes we missed you! We had gift cards for Sullivan’s, our favorite steakhouse. Don’t think Skye and Wil have been to as nice a place! It was delicious.

Celebratory Sunday lunch at my parents for several reasons…Wil was home…Sheeza had passed her citizenship test!…and…

It was a few days before Dad’s 80th birthday!!!!

First time ever I’ve seen Dad speechless! Haha!! We made him a card that said 80 things we loved about him. !! There are many more! We love you, Dad!


More summer birthdays! Celebrating Cassady, Colby, and Kaylen. Light pink for Cassady, purple for Kaylen, and green for Colby 🙂

Get ready for part two, it’s a tear jerker! 😉

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