August memories part 2

This is the verse I’ve been meditating on…Romans 15:13…we’ll come back to this later!

I wallpapered the hallway with my taupe garden print from spoonflower…I’m so disappointed that the color looks almost purple! I had only gotten a fabric sample of the print, and it skews different in wallpaper…

See…Isn’t that a different look? This is from the spoonflower website ..I’ve just learned my lesson, order samples of the wallpaper! I’ve loved spoonflower in every other aspect

Looks better from our bedroom …

Skye’s first day of school!! 11th grade! Can’t believe it! She’s driving herself everywhere, still working at Chick Fil A, and loving being an independent young adult. I miss her when she’s not around (more about that later…)

Wes was still at camp, and Wil had to get to school early, so I went with him to help him move in. He’s staying in the freshman dorm again as a hall devotion group leader.

Moving in! Sweet friends…

His sock drawer !

Library set up

This is the kitchen bunk 😉

We got to see Poppop and Granna!

And Brynn!

And a wonderful midnight (8pm) golf cart ride with Barb and Jon!

I peeked in on Wes’ room! Looks good! I’ve seen pictures since and they have a couch on the top left bunk 🙂

When in Greenville it’s so nice to get together with friends. I got to see Kellie and Sarah again this time and thrifting with Charlotte!

We went to a cute garden store too

Last breakfast with Wil and Anna

Watching Wil walk away …didn’t get choked up as much as last year! All good so far…more excited for him and the great things ahead

Stopped on the way home to see Lori and her gorgeous house!

Meanwhile, back at camp…Wes was having a great time.

Cutest picture ever…Kayla’s sister had twins!

Then he came back for one night to get packed up, eat some Benny’s, and leave in the morning

I was also sad to see Wes leave but excited about his year ahead.

The trouble didn’t start until I got back home and was so glad to see Dave and Skye. Then realized that Skye was either working or with friends almost every night that week! Everyone tells me this is the preparation for the empty nest. I just go back to my verse:

I have joy and peace in believing in God for sure!! and I have joy and peace with my sweet husband too. It’s just a transition time where I’ve always had kids around and they’ve been my main job for 20 years…it’s all changing! But I’m excited and hopeful for the future. This week is fun with the start of art classes…

Giving my old art class sign a bit of a touch up…see! There are still children in my life that I can teach! And I love teaching the kids’ class at church too. I need those little voices in my life. And I’m thankful for my kids’ big voices that I get to hear (once in awhile 😉 )

And this voice I treasure always! He’s stuck with me! I’m not the greatest in dealing with change, but God always guides us through.

AND! this is what I find in my yard! There is beauty and goodness everywhere we look!

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  1. I love how colorful your posts always are, beautiful house, beautiful family…beautiful life. God has truly blessed you all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you friend!! 💕💕you’re right! All blessings come from God!


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