The kitchen is finished!🫙🌿🌺

A few notes about the kitchen: when it was getting painted, I took the microwave upstairs. now I have the kitchen counters set up and it’s so cute, I can’t bear to bring back the microwave! So when we need it, we have to walk upstairs…I feel like a pioneer – haha! No but really, maybe it will make me use the stove top more and the microwave less…

Whenever we work on an area of the house I borrow and steal art from other parts of the house. So that was my job this week…filling up the gaps in the house where art was pilfered.

It feels so so good to have the baseboards freshly painted! The ceiling scraped, the chalkboard walls all fresh! Aaah! It’s so clean and nice – I am beyond thankful.

I really want to move onto working in the living room. We have a damaged ceiling in there, so we need to fix that and just a regular refresh. annnd, the most fun part is I want one whole wall as a book shelf! We have so many random bookshelves all through our house, I would love to have all the books in one place….and it would be so tempting to put them in rainbow order….but I may have to be responsible and do alphabetical or by subject…fun to think about! Here’s my Pinterest board of ideas.

How are you doing with house projects? In the middle of something or completely done? Is a house ever completely done? 🙂

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  1. MOM says:

    And then there was the time when the kids rearranged Dads bookshelves in his church office while we were away…all according to size or color. HE COULDN’T FIND ANYTHING!😳😳😳


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