6 Healthy Foods from this week 🥗🥦🥑🍐Vegan at Times!

This cook book is awesome! I’m so inspired….this week I’m a vegan – haha…not really, but we had some good vegan food. And I’m trying to add in more healthy foods and not as much sugar!

This looks healthy, right? Well when you make crepes with oat milk and applesauce, it’s practically a health food (the whip cream is just for looks- ha!)

I made taco “meat” out of the lentils and walnut recipe for vegan meat. You would never know it wasn’t meat. I’m not against meat, but I love putting more vegetables in our diet.

Looks like taco meat, right?! And then there’s a special queso cheese sauce on there….

This probably doesn’t look appetizing, but doesn’t it look like a thick cheese sauce? It’s made with cashews, olive oil, spices, and nutritional yeast, and it’s delicious! You want to know how I know it’s delicious?! Even Dave loves it! Here’s the recipe

Smoothie bowl! This was a simple strawberry banana smoothie made with oat milk and granola on top

Lots of good fruit this week: cherries and plums. And lettuce from our garden!

I have gotten Hungry Root on and off. I really don’t love the meal delivery kits, but I always try them out when you can get a deep discount. So far hungry root is the best I’ve tried! Super fast, healthy, and delicious! This was a melted tuna sandwich with caramelized onions. And their cucumber bean salad with cilantro is amazing.

We are trying to be healthier and these great recipes helped, I’ll definitely be making the crepes and queso again. The smoothies are a must, and hungry root every once in awhile. What have you been making lately? Would love to hear your tips and tricks for healthy eating.

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  1. MOM says:

    Healthy foods! Let me see…last night we had apple pie (NC, I think, Rubi Mac apples) with really creamy old fashioned vanilla ice cream. Just finished a Healthy Choice organic ice cream fudge bar. Stopped for a piece of Smithfield very fried chicken😆. Oh yes, there’s some 7 layer salad from last night with pork ribs, baked potatoes with sour cream that we can finish up! Can you get any healthier?


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