Mushrooms! How these beautiful little fungi inspired us around here 🍄🌿

God’s artistry astounds me! It all started in the middle of the summer when I stumbled upon a few mushrooms in the yard! All of these photos were taken by our house in the last 3-4 months. Notice the colors, textures, and varieties!

It’s amazing how they grow and change…I watched these white mushrooms for days….changing from rounded tops, to flattened caps, getting bigger by the hour.

My first project inspired by the mushrooms was this collage of a magical forest floor.

And this simpler take.

So I printed out my mushroom pictures to show the kids in my art classes to see if they would be inspired as well. They loved oohing and aahhhing over the photos and had so much fun creating their own collages:

Didn’t they do a fabulous job?!

I love them all and have no favorites, of course, but I have to point out Mackenzie’s name on each leaf. 🙂

Such a happy mess!!

I have kids from 2 years old to age 10, so you see a variety of finished artwork, but they all delighted in the process

I like to update the chalkboard on our porch, sometimes going along with the art class theme. It was fun to add a few mushrooms to the general decor of the house

Mushrooms are even pretty when they fall apart

The textures!!

I took to the iPad to try and draw some of this beauty and texture

I uploaded the design to red bubble and ordered some merch! These little zippered pouches turned out cute

The fuzzy pink blanket!!


And shirt…

Not to mention the socks and magnets…

at this point my family is a little tired of alllll the mushroom products around the house ! 😉

And then the gifts started rolling in from around the globe! Or more specifically this sweet sticker from Charlotte in SC 😉 Thank you friend!

And Kellie who sent me the photo of these adorable mushrooms that she embroidered! Love!!

I’m happy as can be with my mushrooms…and I’ll keep on the hunt…so if you see me crouched down low to the ground with my camera practically in the dirt, you’ll know.

I’ll leave you with a recipe! My friend sent me this photo of mushroom poppers! It’s mushrooms with salami and mozzarella cheese with seasoning salt and garlic powder sprinkled on top. I’m assuming she broiled them in the oven real quick. Thank you, Mikayla!

There is no shortage of inspiring material in this big beautiful world. Thank You, God, for thinking up mushrooms!

You can see the mushroom collection here!

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