Famous Artists’ Inspired Pumpkins 🎃🎨

Here is my plastic pumpkin collection before and after! Last year we painted the pumpkins pink in various patterns…for a pink pumpkin patch themed trunk or treat set up.

This year I decided we should have pumpkins inspired by four of my favorite artists! Picasso, Pollock, Matisse, and Kandinsky.

First off …Jackson Pollock inspired this spattered pumpkin in all it’s colorful glory

This is where we started…

I kept adding squirts, drips, and speckles of paint.

The paint spread down the sides a little too much and looks more marbled than the Pollock speckle look….

But she’s still very happy and colorful.

Next up…inspired by Henri Matisse and his organic coral-like shapes. I love how this pumpkin turned out!

Unlike the funky Pollock pumpkin, this pumpkin is more delicate, modern, and nature-y

My very personal favorite artist, Wassily Kandinsky, of the famous circles piece. This pumpkin was fun to paint

I started with the squares and kept coming back to the job for a couple days…letting the coats dry

I love the contrast of warm colors against black

Yes!! What a fun abstract design to recreate!

Picasso! You can’t beat a Picasso pumpkin!!

There’s an artist on zazzle who has a wonderful Picasso inspired piece that greatly influenced this pumpkin as well as Picasso himself

The best part about this project is taking a few elements that you like about a work of art and making it your own. I made sure to use color combos that look good to me, adding in the geometric black and white, and outlining in black for a cartoon look.

I really don’t want to stop! We definitely need a Van Gogh Sunflowers pumpkin and some Klimt rectangles.

Are you going to paint or carve pumpkins this year? We carved last year, which was exciting and the glow of the lit jack o’ lanterns was magical.

(Do you feel someone staring at you with one eye?!) 😉

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