What We Ate Last Week 🌿🍅🫐🍲

We’ve been trying to eat more healthy foods, as there always seems to be too many desserts around here! So I’ve really been trying to plan ahead and get in some good options.

My nasturtiums are finally growing! They are so pretty/ the leaves almost more so than the flowers. Since they are edible (the entire plant), I added it to a smoothie bowl. It has a peppery flavor. To be honest, I just tasted the leaves and then took it out of the bowl, but it sure did add color and interest. I keep forgetting to add mint leaves, they would be good in our smoothies.

First time to make pho! (Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, herbs, meat, and rice noodles) …the treasure in pho is in the toppings; cilantro, chopped almonds, green onions, squeeze of lime…they add so much interest.

Yogurt parfaits! Bananas, berries, granola, yogurt…a flavorful breakfast, lunch, or dessert!

Super vibrant and delicious salad…Dave said it tasted “healthy”…and I don’t think that was a compliment in his eyes – ha! But he ate it the two times I gave him some (it makes a LOT!)

The garden is still doing pretty well…loving my pretty little tomatoes

Made the following recipe with my tomatoes, basically a layered taco dip. A fun lunch.

Let’s all be honest and share the desserts too! Salted dark chocolate is a perfect end to any meal! Dave got his carrot cake. We love this amazing recipe.

And we had a little bridal shower for Sheeza! I made that cake on Saturday and it’s been hanging around tempting us for days! we love the homemade fondant recipe, and it works every time.

Dave and I had a nice date on Saturday starting out at the new food hall in Smithfield. Dave’s dragon fruit bubble tea was delicious! (And gorgeous) I got an orangecicle boba slushie that was good (just not as good as Dave’s!)

We also had amazing burgers and fries…but don’t forget all the nutritious stuff that balances out the cake(s) and burgers! 🤣 😉

After the food hall we biked on the Smithfield greenway…all in all a very sweet fall day.

Pinterest board for what we ate last week.

How’s it been going at your house for healthy eating?

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