Events and Updates (ladies’ retreat, fun fest, Wil home)

Always fun to visit my dear friend, Marilou

This year for our church ladies’ retreat we went to north Myrtle beach…

I was able to teach a couple crafting sessions and it was SO FUN!

We started with needle felting and everyone, I mean everyone! (14 people) loved it! It’s such a crowd pleaser art form.

We started off with pumpkins and they were all gorgeous! I loved seeing the different styles and personal artistic flairs

This was also during hurricane Ian…so there was a ton of wind, flooding, and general mayhem…but we were safe and thankfully the water receded and we were able to leave on Saturday.

We painted watercolor pumpkins, which was fun, but not nearly as universally loved as needle felting. People thought their pumpkins looks awful (they didn’t!) and didn’t enjoy this as much. But still an interesting activity to do with your friends.

Alayna’s felting of her shirt design turned out beautiful
Good job, Elsie!

We had a really relaxing time…walking on the beach, eating good food, reading amazing scripture, talking about our spiritual struggles and goals, shopping on the way home. Just perfection.

We had our church’s family fun fest a month ago, which was an amazing day of reaching out to our community with food, fun games, inflatable slides etc…we do gospel face painting, which is such a beautiful experience…as you paint each color you get to share the gospel with the kids. (most were kids, but some adults, and I got to paint my parents!)

I love starting off with gold and talking about how amazing heaven is…the streets are paved with gold! There’s no sadness or sickness in heaven! God is there and we will get to worship Him and enjoy Him! Then you go through the story and tell how the only thing that can’t be in heaven is sin…that’s what we all struggle with, and so we don’t deserve to go to heaven- BUT! God sent His precious Son, Jesus Christ, to die on a cross to take all of our sins on Himself (even tho He is perfect, and never sinned) – so He can redeem us, forgive us, make us God’s children. And forgiven, we are washed and cleaned white as snow.

The best story! And a privilege to share it with a bunch of people in our community.

Wil came home to help with family fun fest. So nice to see him and be with him!!!

Thrifting at Dorcas with Mom and Skye. We found lots of treasures.

We went kayaking and canoeing! I would highly recommend Cape Fear River Adventures.

Such a pretty day, and sweet activity together

Ice cream with Dave…we do like ice cream 🤣 😉

New shop in downtown Clayton! Bought this cute pot and plant from Leaf.

Colby got baptized!!! Yay!

I think I’m all caught up!! Looking forward; Wes and Kayla come this weekend and we get to go to the fair! Can’t wait for that, then *highly secretive* but Sadie and I are dressing up as French artists for Halloween (eek!), and DRUM ROLL….I still have the white tree, the red tree, and the pink tree…but this Christmas I’m able to add another pale pink tree!!! Thanks to my friend Donna who knows I’ve had my eye on it!!! I’m pretty excited to start decorating for Christmas, but I promise to wait for November-ish 🙂

P.S. I’m sure I’ll post about this on here too at some point, but I have a video over on insta about the new wallpaper in our laundry area. Spoiler alert: we love it!

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