🎃🍂The Great Pumpkin Post! 🎃

There’s nothing cuter than having your kids paint a pumpkin- at any age! One of my kids painted this mini pumpkin years ago, and it’s still one of my favorite photos.

See what I mean!!! Just give a kid paints and a brush and watch the magic!

Then…then! There was the year we did the pour paint method…did these pumpkins turn out gorgeous, or what?!

You just prop the pumpkins up like this…and give the kids Dixie cups filled with small amounts of watered down paint…then pour!
Salad spinner pumpkins! We did this a few years ago and I MUST bring the salad spinner out again! Just cut circles of card stock, put in the spinner, squirt in blobs of paint, close, spin several times..open to reveal the beauty! Keep adding paint til you are happy
We used paper plates here

This is the book I read to my kids every fall, and now to my art classes…it’s just a very old, basic book on the process from seed to pumpkin…I love showing them the yellow blossoms that bloom first…then the little green bulb that turns into a pumpkin!

We made pumpkin face collages this year and the teeth kill me every time!
My first attempt (2020) at pumpkin pie with a top crust
Remembering the year I spent a small fortune on all of these gorgeous and multicolored gems….God is such an amazing artist and Creator. Not sure if I love pumpkins or mushrooms better…
Mom made this adorable potholder that we use year-round
Ahhhh royal icing! Nothing as time consuming or as satisfying!

One year we made these tiny pumpkin pie bites. I remember them being delicious!

I’m really digging back into the fall archives of the old blog now! We made Oreo balls, but dipped them in orange coating chocolate, added a pretzel stem, and green icing leaf.

This was wayyyy back, before we even knew about royal icing…just used a glaze of powdered sugar, milk, and orange food color..added the chocolate chip eyes, candy mouth, and candy corn nose

This was when Skye was probably about 3…I used acrylic paint to decorate her shirt. Remember when we would wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeved?

Pumpkin spice pancakes! With cinnamon whip cream

Art class ombré pumpkins

Lots of pumpkin inspiration….we’re having a party soon and playing a game that we think we made up called, Pumpkin Price is Right. I bought several pumpkin products and people have to guess the price to win the pumpkin prize. I’ll keep you updated on that…QUICK tho…the pumpkin stuff is selling out fast! So far I have pumpkin spice cheerios, pumpkin marshmallows, pumpkin butter, and pumpkin Kit Kats.

I would love to hear your favorite pumpkin treat!!

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