Let’s Go to the State Fair!🎡🎢🎟️

We had fun at the fair last Sunday. We went around lunchtime after church, the weather was gorgeous, the company was sweet, and the food delicious.

First stop- lemonades!

We had Wes and Kayla with us

And Skye, Hunter, and Leah

We also brought our tall relatives…haha…

First bite of food was heavenly; brisket biscuit!

The huge watermelons and pumpkins! The winner pumpkin was over 1000 pounds!

The yesteryear building is always nostalgic and inspiring. This sweet couple worked together basket weaving, and the husband was painting his checker board.

Caramel apples! So good and so messy!!

We went on the chair lift type ride that gives you a view over the entire fair. It was sooo nice to sit and rest for awhile after all the walking, and enjoy the aerial view

Keeping an eye on Skye and buddies in line for a ride 😉

The best!!! The favorite!!! Maple cotton candy!

Dave enjoying his Wisconsin cheese

What a sweet family day!!! Wil!! We missed you!!! You were the missing link!

This is the best picture of Skye and me…
Or maybe this one …?! 😉
True love at the fair 🙂

A very fun day to remember…

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