Updates and Fall Wardrobe🧣👖🧥🧦

Quick trip to Greenville to see our family
Got to have supper with Wil…downtown Greenville is magical at night
Supper and dessert with Wes and Kayla

Always so fun to see the dog-in-law, Ginger!!


Now on to clothing lately…

Hats!! Always love hats for all seasons
Plaid! Nothing better
Black and white checks! The scarf was a purchase at a thrift store, it hasn’t been cold enough to officially wear it. (vest)
These adorable crochet bags! Walmart- good job!!
Orange flare pants forever! (Old, Target)
Thrift store carpet bag/ my favorite
Sweater vests!! (TJ Maxx)
This blue hooded short sleeve shirt is such a favorite…one of Skye’s friend’s says I have it on every time she sees me 🙂
These soft and comfy bell bottom patterned pants are the best
So glad it’s the season for LAYERING!!! Sweaters, flannels, scarves, it’s all fun

Happy winter clothing choices! I’m definitely not trendy anymore, it’s all about comfort plus color, plus plaid, checks, hats and scarves.

Favorites ranked in order:

1) hats 2) sweaters 3) jackets or layering flannels 4) boots 5) vests

I would love to hear your favorite fall clothing!

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