Happy Halloween!! French Artists’ Costumes 🎨🖌️🇫🇷🎃

Let me set the scene for you and try and remember where the whole idea originated…Dave told me a few weeks ago that his company, Cornerstone Home Lending, was having a costume contest for Halloween with cash and prizes! So there we go, that’s where it started…and probably why Dave agreed to dress up with me this year 🙂 !

So we thought of the idea to be French artists (including Sadie), painted the logo for Cornerstone, got all the props (thank you, Amazon!), and had a little photo shoot.

Sadie was a champ with her hat and little striped shirt…

She knew that after the photo shoot she would get a treat 😄 😉

I’m living my best life dressed this way, someone told me that I wasn’t in costume, I was just being myself…(love that, ha!) Wil had gotten the apron for me from World Market, and the striped shirt is from H&M…but the hats are all from Amazon as well as Sadie’s little shirt and Dave’s scarf.

We had a fun little Halloween party last night…Skye and her buddies dressed as what else? Chick Fil A workers…

The babies stole the show!!

We discovered that the pumpkin spice marshmallows tasted great in hot apple cider

Now out with the pumpkins…in with the Christmas trees! Ha! No, but really I do want to switch focus from all the sugar and excess of October and knowing there’s the coming sugar and excess of December(!!) and dedicating November to a little more self control, thankfulness, prayerfulness, and less sugar consumption. (Can you tell I’ve eaten too many treats lately?!)

Thank You, God, for Your many blessings, Your beauty, Your creation, the changing seasons, pumpkins, good friends, Your continual grace to us, Your Word, and creativity. 🍂♥️

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