My Friend, Marilou (inspirations from her life)

Our last photo together

Marilou had been battling cancer for over a year. She was so hopeful and tried every treatment she could, but yesterday, on November 1, she went to be with the Lord.

Looking through old photos…

Marilou and Rolando were such a sweet couple. They did everything together and served each other so kindly

Inspiration number one: Love your people well.

Marilou’s last birthday on this earth, March 2022

Inspiration number two: Make your world beautiful …here is a decoration in her garden that she painted, her gardens were amazing

We had thanksgiving with the Sabina’s several different years.

Marilou took to crochet in a serious way one year, so serious that she about damaged her fingers and had to take a break! Such gorgeous work

Inspiration number three: Throw your whole heart into things – learn all you can and do your best.

We entered a craft fair one year, her with her crochet and sewing art, me with paintings and crafts. It was so fun to do together!
The kids love Marilou and Rolando (Skye used to call him mr. Beelando 🤣)

Inspiration number four: Care for your friends and their kids well

This was taken at the beach at a ladies retreat from our church. Such fun memories

I’m going to close with my three favorite photos:

This is Marilou’s beautiful dining area…every single inch of their home is gorgeous, every detail designed and put together by Rolando and Marilou together. but I have to tell my favorite story ever…for her birthday this past year I gave her some fabric. She had told me one time that fabric would be the best gift because she would get to sew something.

So I saw this gorgeous red patterned fabric and I knew Marilou would love it. I gave it to her on her birthday and when I got home, AN HOUR LATER, she texted me the photo of the curtains pictured above that she had just sewed!!!

This is us laughing together about something…I love this

So thankful for the amazing life Marilou was able to have, the highlights being when she trusted Christ as her Savior and when she married Rolando, her Darling. She loved her kids, her extended family, her friends, us and our kids. She was a delightful human, a creative, artsy soul….and a wonderful friend.

Thank you for your inspiration to us, Marilou! We will take these lessons to heart:

1) love your people well 2) make your world beautiful 3) do all things to the best of your ability and with your whole heart 4) care for your friends and their kids well

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  1. Scotty Martin says:

    What a beautiful post to honor Marilou. I worked with Marilou at Glover Printing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Thank you, Scotty! She was the best!


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