Best Dog Ever 🐾January 2009-November 2022🐾Sadie Addison Mincy

My all time favorite photo

Sadie had been really lethargic, she was staying to her little bed a lot. Also drinking a lot of water, but not as much food. Last Thursday evening she wasn’t feeling well at all. On Friday (November 4) we took her to the vet first thing in the morning. The vet took x-rays and blood work and saw that her white blood cell count was off the charts (she had cancer) and her uterus was dangerously enlarged. They recommended we put her to sleep because she was going to decline fast and her uterus could painfully rupture.

Thankfully we were able to schedule the procedure for Monday, giving us time to be with her for the weekend.

I was very thankful for the clarity of the diagnosis. Our vet usually has a surgery available and will readily do anything and everything to prolong life…but it was very clear to us all given the results of her testing and her age (almost 14 years old).

We had the most wonderful weekend with her! She had a few issues that made sure we were carrying her around in a blanket, but for the most part she was able to just sit on our laps or next to us. We spent hours with her. She would turn her head and just stare at me with those impenetrable eyes. I think she knew what what going to happen. I would never trade those days for anything.

First ever photo of Sadie
Last photo taken of Sadie

Monday morning, November 7, Skye said goodbye to her at home, then Dave and I drove with her to the vet. We sat in the car with her and both held her a bit. Then Dave took her inside. He said it went as well as could be expected, he was able to hold her…they gave her a sedative and she fell asleep peacefully, then she was gone.

All of you pet people know how this is!! You know how it is to be in your home and you think of them as you enter each room! Where is Sadie…oh…I’m going upstairs…come on Sadie! …oh….there’s a shadow in the corner of my eye! Sadie!…oh…it’s a constant reminder that they’re gone.

For the last 13 years she was always there! I’m trying to train my mind so that every time I think of her I try, instead of being sad and spiraling downward, being thankful for the precious time we had with her. Thank You, Lord, for all these amazing years of joy and happiness with our girl!

Yes I do desperately want another dog…we don’t all agree on this subject 🙂 so we are giving it time…maybe I need to go hang out at the dog park (I’d be the crazy lady wanting to hug all the dogs !)

God has sent so many encouragements! Flowers from several sweet souls …shout out to who refunded the money for a case of food AND sent us the most beautiful flower arrangement, friends and family have been so supportive- they know how much we loved Sadie!

Life is so bitter sweet!!! Dave’s theory is that Sadie is in heaven sitting on Marilou’s lap 😉 (don’t worry, we do somewhat know the theology in this, we just like this picture!)

Forgive me while I add a few more photos…I went way back in the archives…

Her reproachful look
Sadie goes to school
First day with Sadie
Being a little bully
Aww with 8 year old Wes
Cuddles with 6 year old Wil
hugs with 3 year old Skye
Always finding a lap
Locked into the kitchen when we were potty training her
If we were in our room and closed the door, she would scratch really quietly then put her little paw under the door to let us know she was there 😉

We love you, Sadie!

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  1. grannamincy says:

    Love all these sweet pictures. Praying for you. 😊

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  2. Dave Mincy says:

    Aww…she was so perfect for our family! 💔😢

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beth Brewer says:

    Sorry Sara, Dave and family. Losing a fur family member is very hard and your post is a sweet memoriam. It is easy to tell Sadie was well loved! Our fur family members sneak in and steal our hearts so easily!
    Hugs to you all.😢❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. saramincy says:

      Beth!!!! Thank you!! It’s true, they are a part of the family! ♥️♥️miss you!


  4. Kari says:

    Gah…now I’m crying! I remember the day we took our Chevy from the kids room to say Goodbye. He was our first “kid” and had always been there with the kids. (15 years and 9 months). We said “Never again! That was too hard!” Here we are with two little heartbeats at our feet and in our laps! Hugs to you all!


    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m so happy you have two sweet friends ♥️🥰!! Dave decided he’s ok with another dog so we are ecstatic!! We are researching …


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