Our 5K Run, A Birthday, and some great links (podcasts, thanksgiving ideas)

This past Saturday we ran the Night of Lights 5k in Raleigh at Dix park …it was so pretty, tons of Christmas lights set up around the trail. Especially fun to have Wes, Wil, and Kayla with us!!

We all got participation medals no matter how fast (Wes!) or slow (me!) we ran 😉 Skye was my running buddy and it was wonderful. I’m hoping we do it every year, although I’m not sure everyone agrees!

Mom’s birthday!! We celebrated with Chinese food and a trip to a craft fair- so fun! We love you, Mom!


A grain and dairy free thanksgiving menu from Chris Loves Julia

Emily Henderson goes to the mall and tries on clothes…I love her classic style

Amazing podcast interview with Melissa Clark, cookbook author and NY Times writer …you know I love food writers! This was a dream to listen to.

Dave shared this podcast with me; A bit of optimism with Simon Sinek …the episode, Unreasonable Hospitality, is a great listen! My favorite line: service is black and white, hospitality is color.

My thanksgiving pinboard

Christmas pinboard

Have a wonderful thanksgiving week to my American friends! And everyone else have a great week too. A special “hello!” to my readers from Germany, Canada, and Australia! I keep seeing you in my stats, and that is so amazing…to be able to post pictures and ideas and for people hundreds of miles away being able to see what we are doing in North Carolina! We are a little cold here (45*), we are putting up Christmas trees, and thanking God for His blessings and salvation.

Wil’s friend from Pakistan came home to our house for part of Thanksgiving break, and it has been fascinating to hear about life in Pakistan, his family, the food and culture. We want to visit some day!

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