December Art Class ☃️❄️🌲Shaving Cream Snowman Project (and other fun stuff!)

We were so inspired by Lois Ehlert’s fabulously creative book, Snowballs…and we made snowmen of our own:

Puffy snowmen!! mix equal parts shaving cream and white glue, paint the puff onto the paper and add buttons, hat, scarf, cloves for mouth, tiny twigs (or rosemary) for arms. So fun! It dries and stays puffy! I gave the kids their own little cup of the shaving cream/glue mixture, with a plastic spoon and a paintbrush. They were able to maneuver the fluff pretty easily.

sweet students ❤️

We cut out snowflakes and made these beautiful posters. I pre-folded printer paper and drew on these snowflake templates. This helped a ton! And then the kids made some of their own creations as well. Even with the templates, each snowflake turned out differently than the next and it was a very festive and satisfying project.

Lots of good cutting practice!

I showed the kids how to draw the basic snowglobe shape, then they went to town and the creative juices flowed with their original ideas for inside of the snowglobe. We drew with pencil, outlined in sharpie, and then painted with watercolors

Very easy, fast, fun little project for preschool or older kids alike; hit the office supply isle and get small rectangular labels and the little white sticker circles, it’s all pretty self explanatory!

Now on to the preschool class! A perennial favorite…squirt a small amount of shaving cream on the table for the kids to play with, draw pictures in, etc…

And the good news is, after all is said and done: table and hands smell great!

Preschool sticker art

For the preschoolers: I cut out the tree and had it all glued on for them, gave them a tiny amount of white glue and a Q-tip

For the snowman collage I gave each preschool student the precut pieces of paper and buttons. The moms and I helped them glue everything on. Practice with the glue stick and also Elmer’s glue for buttons. (My preschool class is for ages 2-4)

Last project!! Candy canes made with beads on pipe cleaners. The preschoolers were so cute to watch- they were very determined to “do it myself” and get those beads on the wire! They surprised me with their coordination and interest in this little project.

The kids and I (and my fabulous helper Miss Emma!) *loved* the December art classes and are all looking forward to 2023! So much more art in store!

See art class reel here

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  1. MOM says:

    SO CUTE! ALL OF IT! ❤️❤️🎄🎄🥰🥰👏👏
    Maybe you should have an art class for grandmas!😇


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