8ish CUTE things🎄🍄🌈🏠

1// sweet little felted mouse ornament from Bexley House

2// Kayla’s making the cutest rainbow ornaments! I have several on my tree(s) and one in my car

3// old blog post about making art and cinnamon rolls (and that’s how the kitchen used to look!!) (how it looks now)

4// 3 siblings in my art class have this fabulous room in their house with acrobat equipment and constellations !! Super fun

5// the best!

6// my friend charlotte and her daughter made the cutest gingerbread garland! I loved it so much….

Inspired to make cardboard houses of my own …

Very fun and satisfying…I used sharpie white paint pens

7// side porch “spruced” up

8// the yulekake fairies showed up! (My mom makes this delicious Norwegian bread that we love to toast)

Joy!! This world is full of pain and happiness, sorrow, darkness and light. Thank You, JESUS, for bringing salvation and Joy.

God bless you as you remember Him. ♥️🎄❤️🌲

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