Thrifting and Mushrooms 🛒🍄

Val and I went thrifting the other day and it was so fun to get out there and browse for treasures! I love these trays and the tin bowl I found. I’m keeping them in the art room to hold supplies.

And this adorable medium sized casserole dish! It’s so fun…there were several of us looking at it at the store and thankfully the other interested parties declined and I scored!

Two pretty plates; the top salad plate was in a set that was out of my budget, but I bought the bottom pink vista plate!! Taking after my mom and all her pink transfer-ware.

Painting mushroom cards. I’m still mushroom-obsessed!

Sweet little mushroom plant stake from the online store Natural Life.

A mushroom Squishmallow!!! I definitely do not need a squishmallow…although it would probably look cute on here:

Our bed would look a little happier with a smiling mushroom 🙂 !

I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting the blog! I’ve been cleaning and organizing the art room, getting ready for regular classes, but also the Saturday class coming up in February. That class will be held exclusively in the art room with several centers and play areas for the kids as well as the art projects.

Also!! I’m really praying about the possibility and timing of a woman’s crafting day here at our house! This could be so fun. I’m working out the logistics.

I’m so thankful for the schedule we have and the opportunities that God has given me. As our kids get more and more “out the door” with college, jobs, and plans, I’ve had sweet opportunities to continue teaching at church, teaching at home, finding new friends, experiences, and ministries that fill the void of the kids being gone more.

Plus I have this sweet man who I adore. He’s the best and I’m thankful for our time together. Also treasuring any time we get with our kids. 🙂 ❤️

This year ahead looks bright and fun! I’ve not written down a bunch of goals…I was evaluating things and I really like the trajectory started in 2022. I love that we started a garden which we plan to continue, and all the above art plans already mentioned…things are going in the right direction, plus it looks like most of our travel plans are already in place with graduation (Wes from college), college trips with Skye, and the many weddings we have this year! Lots of greatness ahead…praying daily for all of it and Lord willing I will be journaling about it all here…unless the best happens and Jesus comes back to take us to heaven. That would be amazing! Blessings to you in this new year!

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