Dave’s 54! And new year books and starts ✨

Quote for the new year:

Don’t Judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.

Back to my smoothie habit! Easiest smoothie ever; oat milk, frozen blueberries, half scoop of vanilla protein. We call it blueberry birthday.

Two amazing books! I skimmed the 12 week year enough to love the concept …make goals to be accomplished in 12 weeks…it’s more of a doable time frame than a year, you can evaluate and then make your next goals. Dave loves Atomic Habits…always telling me quotes, I’ll read that next.

Would love to hear if you’ve read these and your takeaways.

Sweet, sweet man turned 54 this past Thursday. It was fun to take a little road trip to Greenville to see our family. More on that later. And you can believe that we are going back to Highway 55 (burger joint) when Dave turns 55!

Wanting to find a verse for the year, I looked and looked for any verse in the 20th chapter and 23rd verse… (get it 2023?!) didn’t find that exactly, but I did find these verses in Hebrews starting with verse 23! God promises us life and peace with Him, and He is faithful! And we need to encourage each other in Him.

I hope you’ve had a good start to the year! Does anyone have any major goals?

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