Little Trip to Greenville//Dave and Wil’s Birthday!!

He got flowers for Skye and me! And he turned 20 on the 31st!
So fun to be with everyone for Dave’s birthday
At the concert, I finally got to meet Wes’ friend Hart, nice to see Bella too.
With Ginger…and the cats at Barb and Jon’s house 🙂 (love her plants so much!)
We got to deliver goodies and bring treats to the kids from our church and I got to see Christy!

Celebrating Wil and Dave’s birthdays with carrot cake!!

Sarah (Dave’s sister) and family were in town, nice to see them too!

Thrift shopping

We had such a nice time! Dave really wanted to go to the Canadian Brass concert at BJ, so we went down for that and to see family. Nice to have Skye travel down with us and of course we stopped at ikea on the way. the only one I didn’t get a photo of was Kayla, but we got to see her too. ❤️

Back home again and at my parents…Dave gets a pie this time; his favorite, strawberry rhubarb !

Pretty much the best!!

I think we appropriately celebrated all weekend! Happy 54, Dear!! And happy 20th to Wil!! We love you so much!

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