Thrift Trip 2023!!! 🛍️🛒Charlotte NC

This is an annual trip for Skye and I (last year being the inaugural trip! 🤣) here’s last years’ post. This year we decided on Charlotte, mapped out our plans, and hit the road

We started the trip at sheetz for snacks and then drove to Hillsborough to check out their goodwill store. It was ok and Skye did find some clothes…

**warning -we ate too much junk food on this trip and are back to regularly scheduled fruits and veg🤣

then we drove to Lexington and ate at:

Christo’s! It was a funny place, a little redneck, but the food was amazing!

Skye and I shared the spaghetti carbonara and could not even finish it. Such great pasta!

We finished driving the last leg of the journey and got to the hotel in Charlotte.

After a good night’s rest…

….we started off Saturday at our new favorite thrift store, Value Village ! We shopped for a good 3 hours. It was super fun finding so many treasures and trying on tons of clothes. Not all Value Villages are created equal, this good one is on South Boulevard …as opposed to the one on Freedom Drive, but we’ll get to that later….

Needing a bathroom break we hopped over to the Mexican grocery next door and enjoyed the color and pastries!

Back to Value Village …

This was when we shared a cart, and as time went on we had to get an extra.

We did not take the glitter boots home, but they were special 🙂

Next we visited the Assistance league thrift …it was really picked over, but a lady told us that it’s usually the best.

Finally done at VV and Assistance, we needed a good break so we went on to taste “Charlotte’s best hamburger” …we really did love Ace No. 3….such a cool little spot! And the food was delicious!

Ace is in a fun part of town, we saw lots of pretty murals

Then we had to try out Two Scoops (allegedly Charlotte’s best ice cream):

Two scoops was adorable in every way…

Skye capturing the moment: me, my mint Oreo ice cream, and the painted wall

This is when we found the other Value Village, it wasn’t quite as good, and the worst part; no fitting rooms! Although we did manage to find a few things…it’s the sketchy one 😉

We left town around supper time and headed to the outlets in Mebane, we found some good deals there as well, then we hightailed it to get home to our favorites; Dave and Chai!

Going through our loot, throwing a lot of it in the washer…showing Dave our goodies…

It was a wonderful weekend in every single way…so fun to celebrate this girl and her birthday!! Happy 17th birthday to you, Skye! We love you and so thankful for you everyday!! We are proud of you, your independence, work ethic, and love for God!❤️

Here’s to MANY more thrift trips …each one a little farther away til we get to NYC, Paris, the world!! 🙂 😇

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