From the Archives…NC Museum of Art///2012

The kids and I went last week. We adore the art museum. Especially the new building that is bright and naturally lit.

We were in luck because there was a special Rembrandt exhibit in the other building, so we were virtually by ourselves over here. Just us and the security guards and their evil eyes. (I should be fair, there were nice security guards along with the mean children fearing guards)

Just me and the little man climbing the wall behind me…??

Our favorite of the day. After the Mona Lisa 2. Not only made out of spools of thread- but upside down! With a crystal ball to look through! We were blown away. Way to go Devorah Sperber.

After museum refreshment- a work of art in itself.

Do you have an art museum close by? How is it? And how it is for kids? We did have a really nice guide who gave us little maps made especially for kids, and for the most part they let us wander to our hearts content….but ((probably rightly so)) they do get nervous when they see us coming

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