wearing//shopping//eating//reading //listening

Wearing: my thrifted clothing from our thrift trip! I adore the white sweater vest, the colorful tunic is perfect for art class days (paint stains don’t show!), and that navy and white print shirt is super fun.

Shopping for rugs for Dave’s office: we bought this beautiful Aztec rug from wayfair and I basically want his office to look exactly like this picture from the wayfair site!

The dreaded swim suit search has started. I love this design and pattern! We will see, I’ll let you know if I order it.

Baking: these muffins from the back of the Aldi bran flakes box, thanks mom for the inspiration!

Lunch date to the Optimist in Raleigh!

We liked the pretty vibe in there

We also liked the rice krispy treats with m&ms! Such a sweet date; we talked and laughed about nothing…we needed it.

Then we went to Trader Joe’s, which was super fun to do together! Dave got his favorites; the fruit jelly candy, sea salt kettle chips, and raw cashews. I got my favorites: macarons (delicious! in the freezer aisle), unexpected cheddar cheese spread (amazing), thin brown rice cakes, and the sweet basil foaming hand soap.

Reading: the sugar fast…getting ready to do this! (you can see from our treats at optimist and our shopping at Trader Joe’s – this is a necessary step in my life (especially with the swim suit purchase looming🤣)

Even If, a study in Habakkuk – this is a great study, I love the Daily Grace Co…we divided up into groups of ladies in our church and our group went through this study together, it was very sweet and encouraging

Listening to:

Paul Tripp interviews a missionary, Francois, inspiring and convicting. Lots of wisdom here

This podcast episode was so interesting. Simon Sinek is a motivational type speaker, Dave has listened to him some for business ideas. He’s not a Christian, but this conversation with Dr. Dennis looks at anxiety in a whole different light…and after a lot of research they come to these conclusions: we need people in our lives, we cannot isolate, we need to help others, we need to be out in nature and in awe of nature. They danced all around God, how He created us to need each other, how He told us to put others first in our lives, How He created the world for us to work in with our hands, to marvel at His creation.

Speaking of nature and marveling…I’ve caught the bug and have been working in the yard again. Raking little paths for Chai and I to walk, cleaning up the garden area, getting ready to plant, burning leaves and sticks. It’s a miracle balm to the soul!

I would love to hear what you are wearing, reading, listening to, or shopping for! Have a great weekend!

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    Such good stuff…love the pics!

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