The Boys’ Spring Break

First things first. The boys loved meeting Chai! She loved them too…

She was very sad when they left.

Hart, Aaron, Wes, Harry, Jake, Nikita …love these sweet friends.

We absolutely loved every minute of our time with these boys and Bella. they helped with dishes and cooked….

They had a Lego challenge in which Skye and I got to be the very impartial judges 😉

They slept in and took naps….

We squeezed in a little family time 🙂 Good chats and time together. They went to Raleigh, shopped at the outlets, and played a lot of pickle ball.

We also had a very fun cookout at Gramma and Grampa’s house

We had a few crazy moments too/ when the bird flew in the house, and we chased a mouse around at 6am (we’ve since caught 3 mice in the house!)

We love you Wes and Wil!! We had so much fun with you! Can’t wait to see you soon.

It’s so sad when they leave!!! Sweet boys. Bella left first, then Wes and friends…(we missed Kayla! She was on a girls’ trip)

Last meal with Wil before he left on Sunday (at Sheeza’s favorite Mexican restaurant)

Thankful for these fleeting moments of everyone under the same roof ❤️

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