the open shelves pantry then and now + photo backdrop

  Here are my open shelves as they are now. When we moved in 12 years ago they were covered with annoying shutter style white doors that pinched children’s fingers and took up a lot of space. I was so happy to take the doors off and it’s fun to rearrange and decorate the shelves….

evolution of a closet

You know we like to take closet doors off around here…here’s Skye’s closet currently as a 12 year old. You can see she wears mainly black, gray, white, aqua, and turquoise! She also likes to put her clothes in color order 🌈 Back in time….toddler closet!! Little tiny clothes in every color That dresser!! The…


It’s cold and rainy here today but cozy inside ❤️

Cloth Napkin Love

Is it weird that I collect random cloth napkins from thrift stores? They make me happy 🙂