fresh air

Back to Lake Benson! This time it’s sunny☀️ Pretty 🌿🌲 We had such a nice walk… and… Swing! Even Gramma’s can swing! We’re having a good time with Mom, Dad, and Andy…we’ve been keeping busy…today out and about in Raleigh and last night an escape room.

the perfect cloudy day

We found the best books at the library. So many new books… Then we went here and took this picture… Then we tried the panorama feature Then we decided to start playing around more with the panorama feature That was fun… Then we wanted to see what would happen if we got both of us…

the woods: my backyard (a love story)

I have a new passion…. It all started when I was debating whether to renew my gym membership and what to do about exercise. Then one day I went outside to clean up the yard a bit….and the bug hit me!! We are fortunate to have a big backyard with a large portion of woods….