I’ve totally forgotten about posting lately! I’m going to post a few pictures then do a full update later this week. Had to get a photo of us in our flowered dresses ❤️🌺🌼

The older they get, the better they get along! There’s hope, moms!!

Us and our old glasses

Us and our new glasses (I’ve since decided I don’t like my new glasses…maybe…not sure…it’s a big commitment!!)

This guy (young one) bought a car from this other guy!!! They’re both pretty happy about it 🙂

Love seeing my boys all playing together on Sundays❤️🧡💛…I know Mom, it’s hard to see a boy in white socks up there, but kids these days…they have new fashion rules 😆😆😆ha!! Ha!!

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  1. MOM says:

    About the white socks- if you could see pictures from our college days, that’s what you would see. I’m thinking they were told to wear dark socks when they went on extension.
    I like both pairs of glasses. It seems like you had something similar once before.💕


  2. Sue Hoijer says:

    Sara, I was going to say just what your mom said–that you should look back at the PBBC yearbooks to see what our dads were wearing!


  3. theeverydayaesthetic says:

    Sara, you and Skye are too cute! And as to siblings getting along better and better the older they get–it rings true! Jason and I are closer than we’ve ever been.


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