Mother’s Day 2020

I want to remember every part of yesterday, so I’ll try and recreate the day here.

Dave and the boys went to church to lead the music, and Skye and I stayed home to watch church on tv

Skye and I had made our favorite, Hershey bar cake, yesterday. So of course I had some for breakfast!

After church I made sure we took some pictures. These guys were so sweet with their gifts!!

Then we got in the car and got takeout from Smithfield’s, which was delicious!

Then we went to Yates Mill Pond in Raleigh to hike. It was perfect weather for it and just a beautiful day!

Later on we watched the Disney singalong which was adorable

And American idol, which was fun because we really like the final seven and are attached to them and loved hearing them also sing Disney songs.

So thankful for this day, this family. How God brought Dave and I together, how God gave us these 3 kids. Praying they will love the Lord always. Praying they will have sweet families of their own.

Thankful also for my Mom and Dave’s Mom!! They are the best! ♥️❤️💙🧡💗

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  1. davemincy says:

    Aww…beautiful day…love you! ❤️

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  2. MOM says:


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  3. Priscilla F Robinson says:

    I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful day. We didn’t celebrate Mother’s Day too much on Sunday but last night Kelly and Justin came over and we had such a special evening. We sat in the backyard and laughed ourselves silly while Kelly, Becca, and eventually Jack jumped on the trampoline. Then we went for a lovely walk with the dogs. Throughout the evening, we visited with everyone and had a fabulous time.

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