✨ 19 on the 19th ✨

Wes was back at school on the 19th, so we had to celebrate before he left.

We had taco pockets (his favorite), nachos, raw peppers (his favorite), and Oreo ice cream cake with Oreo truffles (his favorite)

We all told him what we admire and love about him:

Word gifts for Wes on his 19th bday

Dave-resilience …Wes has always forged the way, the first kid to try/do anything…he has led the way in our family; going to school, work, camp, etc. He has born it well and led well.

Wil- friendliness

Skye- making friends

Mom- life of the party, responsibility, spiritual growth plus scripture from proverbs 23

Getting gifts from his siblings 🙂 ❤️

Happy birthday, Wes!! How can my baby be 19?! We love you and so thankful for you!!! You are a bright shining light in our lives.

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