cute stuff around the house 🌿🍂

I found this fallish painting at the thrift store…I brought it home and Dave was shocked! For two reasons, one because it is very 70s and he was surprised I liked it, and two because he knows either his parents or grandparents had the exact painting when he was a kid.

We were going through some old pictures of his parents’ and found this!

Isn’t that crazy?! I love it so much! This was Dave’s house when he was tiny with some family friends.

That painting looks bigger, but same scene. Good memory, Dave !😆

I’ve been having fun decorating for fall and moving things around. (Just biding my time til I can put up the treeeee!!!)

This spot by the windows in the studio is perfection; the trees, the sun, I love to sit here and work on felting or have my devotion time.

The porch gets all the reject rugs from the house, but they seem very happy out here!

I found this old photo from Skye’s room…her room has since been painted a few times, but I just like to remember these happy colors every once in awhile. Guess I can’t force my colors on her forever! 😆

Have a happy fall day! 🍂💕♥️🌲🍂💕🌿

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