little trip to Wilmington🍂🌴🌾

We decided to put the big white tree in the kitchen. I love having it in front of the big window!

Here we are getting ready to go on a little getaway. Dave and I went to Wilmington to stay the Friday night after thanksgiving.

There’s some funky reflections from the window going on on Dave’s sweater!

Our first stop was The Platypus and the Gnome. The candied bacon (!) was really tasty…but the poutine that dave got made him feel sick 😭poor guy! Unfortunately we probably will never visit the Platypus and the gnome again!!

We stayed on the Cape Fear River. Really enjoyed the river walk. We saw the battleship from afar. It was such pretty weather.

As you can see, I was trying out contacts one of the days. I can’t decide whether to just keep glasses or go with contacts. I used to wear contacts all the way from high school until before skye was born. I’ll let You know what I decide.

Our most favorite Wilmington find was Kilwins. We got the peppermint ice cream in homemade waffle cones…so good! Then we found out there is a kilwins in Raleigh! Who knew?!

The infamous….no but really, it’s a great restaurant…

The moon was so pretty. We enjoyed our quick trip to Wilmington. Enjoyed the little shops, the river walk, and the 3 noisy children who stayed next door to us at the hotel !! 🤣😭

Good after thanksgiving memories…maybe it needs to be a tradition, right Dear?! ♥️💕

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