Remembering 2020….the first 3 months❄️💕

At Rabbit Trails Vintage. I’ve so enjoyed selling at this adorable shop in Raleigh.

What a year! I’m so glad I started looking back and remembering…if you listen to everyone around you, you can be swept away with how terrible 2020 has been. And if anyone has lost a family member or friend I realize that it can be the worst year ever. Or if you have health conditions that make you very afraid of covid. Or if you are out of work!!

So I understand that it is a hard year for so many people. But looking back, I can see so many pockets of joy and I see God’s hand bringing us through.

We had covid at the end of June. Four of us did, Wes never got it! It was like a bad flu for us. Fevers, headaches, loss of taste and smell. The psychological aspect was probably the hardest. If your throat starts to feel strange you can get fearful and start to wonder if you too will have to go to the hospital and be there without your loved ones.

I’m very thankful that God brought us through that. Our smell and taste is still wonky after all this time! 5 months later! Certain things we can’t smell, certain things just smell weird.

We started off the year with our trip to Florida; universal studios (so fun!) and then we got to see my parents and aunts and uncles.

Sweet time with family ♥️

Art class was adorable

And Conley and Hadley’s wedding!

February was the month we started learning about cookie decorating! Royal icing is the best – but it is one of the most intense crafts/baking projects ever!

We had cozy moments with Sadie, Wil’s work promotion 👏🏼, snow! Church for the last time in awhile, Wes enjoying college life right before he had to come home, and a family game night 🙂 we laugh at this picture because we are all doing our other things (except Dave) while we play settlers.

March was when we started staying home from church. Well, Dave would go and help with music, we watched church online. I started making Sunday sweets to help make the day special.

Dave and I would get out on our car dates…get food from a drive through and sit in the car and enjoy some time with just us and no children or dog!

March was when we started the upstairs studio remodel!! Look at where we started!!

Lots of needle felting!

A lot of beauty and joy amidst the uncertainties and sickness. Praying this next year will bring us closer to our Dear Lord! That we will read and pray and study God’s Word – to see His hope and blessings.

Love from our family to yours 💕❤️

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