inspiration for our bathroom remodel !

This bathroom!!! Actually her whole house Rhiannon Lawson’s blog and house

And, This bathroom, I love it so much (I can’t find a true link for this photo!!! Only this Pinterest link) Let me know if you find it)

The tile with black grout

The floor

The shower curtain

The plants

But then add in the wall paper from the first picture and shelves…countertop

Basically I want my bathroom to look just like both of these pictures.

So the details are: our hallway bathroom (skye calls it her bathroom, because dave and I have our own bathroom, and the boys use the upstairs bathroom) …but this is the bathroom that people use if they come over….is awful….it needs major help….there’s mold and stained flooring and mottled mirror….it’s going to be such a fun makeover and the before and after pictures, I hope, will be spectacular.

Will keep you updated…the guys who are helping us can’t start til March tho (sad face) but meanwhile I am going to pick out wall paper, flooring, etc etc….

Is anyone surprised at the color palette!?!?!

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  1. These pictures are beautiful and I know that your bathroom will be the best ever!!

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  2. LOL! YES! I can’t imagine you having anything that is 99% black and white! Can’t wait to see the before and after’s later this spring!

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